Introduction of Parsi Kankav Company

Parsi KanKav Consulting Engineers Company in 2015 with the aim of providing engineering consulting services in the fields of exploration of metal minerals, especially elements of copper, gold and iron and issues related to the mining of related metal deposits in accordance with global standards and based on modern science and technology. The international experiences of our experts have been established. The founders of this company believe that the utilization and application of modern knowledge along with the ancient mining signs of this land can be the cause of the re-blooming of this industry in Iran.

The key members of the company have international experience in the fields of geosciences and mineral exploration and have cooperated with prominent international experts in all stages. The expert team of this company is involved in all stages of data collection and preparation, data analysis and processing, data integration and drawing indicator maps in the GIS system, preparation of geological and economic geological maps in the exploration of metal minerals and especially Copper, gold and iron ore deposits in most of the four phases from identification and prospecting to general and detailed can be achieved with the correct implementation of topics such as the preparation of geological-mineral maps in different scales, design of points and monitoring of drilling, logging and archiving of cores, modeling And reserve determination in different categories, technical-economic studies, extraction design, as well as project definition and presentation of geological and exploration programs have valuable experiences.

Considering that each project includes a set of activities that are carried out to achieve a specific goal, and since the success of each project requires the simultaneous achievement of all three factors of time, cost and certain quality, this company strives in all exploratory projects. It seems that successful and economic projects can be achieved by choosing the appropriate exploration method based on the correct analysis of the deposit generation model and design, management and planning and precise control. For this purpose, it uses all the power of its experts, specialists and consultants, as well as modern technologies and new equipment and software.

It is hoped that by implementing the assigned projects as best as possible, we will have a share in realizing the development and prosperity of our beloved country.

Company shareholders

Reza Zarinfar

Ahmadreza Mehrnia

Esmaeil Heydari

Razie Taghavi

Leyla Mozafari


  • Mining prospecting and exploration, base: 1, base acquisition authority: Country Management and Planning Organization, acquisition date: 4/19/1395.
  • Geology, grade: 3, source of obtaining the grade: National Management and Planning Organization, date of obtaining: 8/5/1386.
  • Quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015 standard, issuing authority: ICS REGISTRARS, validity date: 2019
  • exploratory project planning and management certificate (in the name of company managers),
  • Issue authority: Exploration Logistic Group PLC- United Kingdom, validity date: July 2010
  • Quality control certificate (in the name of company managers)
  • Issuing authority: Exploration Logistic Group PLC- United Kingdom, validity date: Aug. 2009
  • Membership in the Association of Credit and Investment Banking Advisors, 2018, source of certification: Association of Credit and Investment Banking Advisors.