Founded in 2007, Parsi Kan Kav En.Co. Using modern software, methods, technologies and wisdoms of Lots of skillful experts aims to do its tasks in high accuracy and quality and is well adopted in geology , Earth hazard ,reconnaissance ,and mine exploration(specially Using GIS knowledge) projects.

Parsi Kan Kav En.Co. Experts have grate abilities in gathering information, analysis, data processing, Geotechnic studies , GIS, data preparing and integration, Siesmotectonic mapping, Subsurface Pollution maps, reconnaissance, mine Exploration, geology mapping, drilling Projects issues and supervising, core logging, ore body Estimating , technical- economic studies, Earth hazards , exploration programming, and other related issues as well as friendly companionship with well educated exerts in the world.

Doing our best, we wish to be a small part of Iran's development and progress.

  •   Unit 14, 4th floor, No.8, Eastern Arash Blvd., Farid Afshar St., Zafar St., Shariaty Av., Tehran, Iran
      Postal Code: 1919865956
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